B.S. – Exercise Science 

USA Weightlifting

USA Track & Field

USSF Coaching Certification - Soccer

Areas of Expertise:

Sports Performance

 - Sprint Technique

 - Olympic Weightlifting

Strength Training

Soccer Specific Training

Favorite Exercise: Single Arm Dumbbell Row / Clean & Jerk

What inspires you? Seeing an athlete or client set goals, put in hard work and surpass their original goals inspires me to be the best coach I can be.  

After graduating from Carroll University, BJ started a training position at be FITNESS with the hopes of helping others improve their lives. After years of helping athletes and clients reach their goals, he was fortunate to step into a management role overseeing the Personal Training department. BJ hopes to continue to help as many people as possible, while also providing leadership and direction to our team of trainers. In doing so, he will continue to provide the support and coaching to anyone who works with the be FITNESS staff.