Duration: 60 minutes

Focus: Strength/Core Strength/ Flexibility and Stability

Functional class provides members with an hour of quality movement that is meant to target the major components of fitness. Coordination, flexibility, stability, strength and stamina will be addressed and challenged during this 60-minute class. Beginning with a focused warm-up that will restore natural and functional movement to areas often neglected, this class ramps up in intensity as the hour progresses by athletic movements and plyometrics with traditional weight training. Functional class will challenge you in a variety of ways!



Body by Deck

Duration: 30 minutes

Focus: Cardiovascular Conditioning/HIIT

Turn your workout into a game with this full body, deck of cards workout that combines strength training moves with bursts of cardio. Each suit is a different exercise and the face value of the card represents the number of reps.  Once we shuffle the deck, you’ll be constantly guessing as to what’s coming next. Stop in and try your luck!



Battle Ropes

Duration: 45 minutes

Focus: Strength/HIIT

BR Boot Camp provides a unique twist on the traditional boot camp. Using the battle ropes intermittently during strength circuits, BR Boot Camp gives participants an environment to safely practice traditional strength movements while also working on their muscular endurance. Build your strength and stability during the weight circuits and unleash your explosiveness and power on the ropes. Come for the strength, stay for the ropes.

be Boxing

Duration: 60 minutes

Focus: Cardiovascular Conditioning/HIIT

Be boxing is a fitness-based boxing class. It is a unique workout that teaches boxing techniques while simultaneously providing a killer strength and conditioning workout. The use of punching bags, speed bags, and hand pads provides a workout scale able for participants of all levels. Come join us for this hard-hitting class to smash stress and take your fitness to the next level!



Duration: 60 minutes

Focus: Strength/Cardiovascular Conditioning/HIIT

SWEAT is a high intensity strength and conditioning class that focuses on increasing strength, cardiovascular endurance, and introducing functional movements patterns. This circuit-based class keeps you moving between strength movements and short bouts of cardio. You’ll use all types of equipment from barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells to bands, medicine balls, and conditioning machines. Challenge yourself and come get your SWEAT on!



Duration: 60 minutes

Focus: Strength/Core Strength & Development

“Make your body your machine.” TRX is a form of suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Using the TRX Suspension Trainer, a training tool that leverages gravity and uses your bodyweight to provide external resistance. This ultra-versatile tool keeps you moving between upper, lower, and total body movements with minimal transition time and also provides many scale-able options. Great for beginners as well as experienced fitness junkies.



Duration: 60 minutes

Focus: Cardiovascular Conditioning/HIIT

Cardio Strength provides an intense endurance and conditioning program that will challenge you both physically and mentally, requiring you to dig deep as your push through your row, run, or cycle. Driven by a competitive atmosphere, this will be sure to take your current conditioning to the next level. Work hard week to week and see your times, endurance, and physical capacity improve. Learn to embrace the challenge as well as embracing the feeling of accomplishment once you finish. Recommended for members looking for a true cardiovascular challenge!



Total Body Burn

Duration: 60 minutes

Focus: Strength/HIIT

Total Body Burn offers a challenging blend of cardiovascular circuits and strength training. HIIT based training will keep you moving as well as motivated and engaged. Come ready to try new strength movements while getting your heart rate up! Have fun, laugh and get sweaty. The inviting group setting is perfect for beginners looking to add in structured resistance training to their fitness routine.

Monday thru Thursday  5 am - 9 pm

Friday  5 am - 7 pm

Saturday & Sunday  7 am -5 pm

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