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be FITNESS: family-friendly fitness facility

Fitness is a family affair, and at be FITNESS, we love helping youngsters nurture their love for physical fitness, sports and nutrition. From summer camps and training programs for student athletes to birthday parties and child care, we’ve got the kiddos (and you) covered.

be Sports Performance

Whether your athlete is just starting out or preparing for the collegiate level, be Sports Performance offers strength, conditioning and recovery training for any athlete at any skill level.

Trainings provide individualized programs based on personal goals and sport-specific demands. Be sports performance works with team coaches to identify an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses through a full body assessment and creates a program that will help the athlete improve to perform at their highest level.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties will never be the same. From princess parties to nerf wars, tug of war, dodgeball, and obstacle courses, be FITNESS has all the space you need to take your party to the next level. Your dedicated party host will help make sure everything runs smoothly, so your kid can have the best birthday party ever. Guests provide their own decor, food and drinks.

Child Care

We’ll keep your tiny humans safe and entertained while you get your workout in. When you use our facility, kids four months to 8-years-old can partake in supervised activities with our trained staff that promote positive health and safety practices.

Fitness facilities aren’t always kid friendly, but at be FITNESS we have plenty of activities to keep them entertained and active!


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